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About Us

Jean Marie is a full service beauty and wax spa that focuses on you! What do we mean by that? Well, let me explain. Here at Jean Marie, all of our LICENSED estheticians take a calculated approach to helping you create a skin care regiment that is tailored specifically to you needs. We take pride in the before, during, and after treatments. This gives you a better understanding of how to better prepare before a service, what happens during a service and what are the best steps to follow after receiving a service from us.

     We offer an extensive list of services from several different types of facials for women, men, and teens. We offer a full array of ladies waxes such as Brazilian, bikini, full body, underarm, and lip just to name a few. We offer new brightening chemical peels, teeth whitening, vajacials, post-op lymphatic drainage massages amongst other various services. We also have our very own fresh face toner, cleanser, moisturizer as well as our own line of exfoliating body scrubs. So stop on by and see one of our friendly estheticians. 

Natural Skin Care
Beauty in Pigmentation
Face Mask
Plus Size Model
Organic Lipsticks
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